I like to share data points about our business as we grow and learn more about what drives consumers to invest their valuable time and energy into sharing their passion for a product, service, or brand, even when their voice is just one in a chorus of consumers singing the very same note.  

Take the KongTime Doggie Day Care in a Box product at PETCO.com as an example.  The first customer review of this product posted over 6 months ago on November 10, 2005, just weeks after PETCO's launch of our solution.  Since then, over 150 happy customers have signed on to reinforce that first reviewer's very positive opinion of the product with their own personal account of buying and using the product.  Currently, the product has an overall rating of 4.6 (out of 5) stars, and 95% of reviewers say they would recommend the product to a friend.  Check out the reviews.  Over and over again, reviewers praise the product's durability, recommend it as a gift for dog friends, and celebrate how fun it is to watch their dog or puppy interact with the product. 

So what keeps reviewers going after the 50th, the 100th, the 150th review?!  Well, we're still trying to figure that out in quantitative (read, high brow!) terms, but the simple formula is a great product PLUS the innate but latent passion consumers have for products that satisfy real needs. 

Everyone has heard the old agage that dissatisfied customers talk more about their experiences than satisified customers, but we're observing a different trend.  Several weeks ago, Sam posted on the "J curve", a graphical representation of the overwhelmingly positive composition of our clients' customer review communities.  Products like KongTime Doggie Day Care in a Box are highly influential in shaping that curve, because positive word of mouth can quickly snowball.  

Instead of allowing your customers to stumble upon great products by chance, follow PETCO's lead and drive customers directly to the products with the most positive customer feedback (check out PETCO.com's Top Rated Products for Dogs as an example).  By doing so, you create a "virtuous cycle" of positive word of mouth that pays dividends in repeat sales and customer satisfaction.  


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