If you ever wonder about getting enough review volume, consider this…

Consumerist posted this about the Milk Reviews on Amazon.com…

Currently, over three-hundred people have reviewed "milk."

Nearly universally, the Amazonable milk holds great appeal for the customers, even to the point of possessing magical properties.

It turned one reviewer's pussy cat into Halle Berry, cured a sister's ovarian cancer, and others claim it can replace blood in a pinch.



While this is amazing, and the reviews are very interesting, the volume is not entirely surprising to us. We see certain products on our clients that get a lot of volume, even the lowest priced products. For example, within months of launch, every Golf ball on golfsmith.com has ratings and reviews. On PETCO.com, there are 244 reviews for a $.99 Greenies dog treat!

It's these products that pull the influencers in, get them engaged, and create runaway product hits. And…based on the diproportionate number of reviews within a category, can help you identify the runaway product hits that you can merchandise in all your marketing vehicles. It's faster to sail with the wind of the customer voice than to try to jibe against it.

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