Earlier this week, eMarketer reported that 5 of the top 10 fastest growing web brands are user-generated content sites.  Read the full article here

Sure, MySpace.com's top spot on the web traffic leaderboard is old news at this point, but did you know that sites like Heavy.com (video sharing) and Flickr (photo sharing) are far outpacing MySpace in month over month audience growth?  As eMarketer reports, the growth of user-generated content sites shows that "Web users are eager to let their voices be heard."  Absolutely!  And this is true not only for amateur journalists turned bloggers or the next George Lucas who sees YouTube.com as the ultimate distribution channel.  It's true for the everyday consumers of your products and services.  

So what's the takeaway?  If user-generated content is driving overall web growth, you've got to position your company and brand to benefit.  Turn this global trend inward to drive the growth of your business by providing a platform for content creation, participating in the content-creation process on sites outside and beyond your own, and working to "recruit" the consumers that are leading the charge.  For more on the last point, read up on Creators, Synthesizers, and Consumers.  You can segment your own customer base in this way – a small minority has the power to influence the masses if you just give them a voice.    

I'll end this point with my favorite quote from the eMarketer article: "If these trends continue, the makeup of the Web's top 10 destinations could look very different in the coming months and years."  Lookout Google & Yahoo! 



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