Cyber Monday has passed (it was yesterday) and the numbers are looking good.  Across the board, I am hearing from clients and prospects that they posted significantly better than expected results.  Online is the place to be, and as mobile Internet access gets more ubiquitous and usable, the eCommerce teams inside large multichannel retailers will have even more clout.  Just wait until shoppers start actively using mobile Web browsers while shopping in physical retail stores.  Mobile, personalized kiosks in the palm of your hand with full access to reviews, price comparison, accessories, rebates, competitive products, cross-sell recommendations, bundled or unique-to-that-retailer services, videos, and much more.

Who coined the term "Cyber Monday"?  Well, my friends at of course.  I remember that around this time last year I was watching Scott Silverman, Executive Director of, on CNN and CNBC being interviewed on Cyber Monday.  It was pretty wild to see Scott up there in such a prominent way, especially since I remember in the lean years (post bubble-bursting) when the community was so small and a little shunned.  This year's Annual Summit had no less than 2,200 people at it; I remember when it was only 200!

And now everyone is talking about Cyber Monday.  Coremetrics, the company I founded prior to Bazaarvoice, has started to capitalize on Cyber Monday buzz with their new term, eDay, which is next Monday, Dec. 4.  Coremetrics' benchmarking service, LIVEmark, shows that Cyber Monday is the largest day for traffic on eCommerce sites, but eDay is the largest day for sales

I don't hide my love for  I spent over two and a half years serving on's Board of Directors, during our most significant period of change and growth.  It was devastating when Ray Greenly, our VP of Research and Member Services, passed away from cancer last fall.  Ray was such a huge asset to the team and such a genuinely great guy.  We decided to honor his memory with a scholarship fund for students interested in a career in eCommerce.  What better way to do this than through a shopping portal where 100% of the commissions on all sales are donated to the Ray M. Greenly Scholarship Fund.

So what does this have to do with word of mouth?  Well, first of all, if you want to see all of the best deals in one place and contribute to the Fund through your shopping, please visit  Second, and this is probably obvious by now, with all of the press that Cyber Monday gets the URL is sure to attract many visitors.  Word of mouth with a good cause at its core.  And that's the best type of word.

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