This week eMarketer published a report: The Rising Roar of Word of Mouth.

The report shares the following stats:

  • 91% of US adults regularly or occasionally seek advice about products or services.
  • 94% of US adults regularly or occasionally give advice to others about products or services.
  • What’s most interesting, according to DoubleClick research (now owned by Google), is that “Recommendations from friends” was the “Most worthwhile” source of promotions over 22 other vehicles.

The article suggest:

Survey after survey reports that consumers consider word-of-mouth more credible than nearly any other kind of marketing, but the more that companies try to control it, the greater the risk of failure.

If you want to see those stats and surveys, check out our site and continue reading this blog. And since you’re probably one of the 94% of people that influence others, feel free to forward this article :-)

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