Bryan Eisenberg of FutureNow and GrokDotCom — and Author of Call to Action and Waiting for Your Cat to Bark — recently created a 15 minute webcast showing best- and worst-practice examples of ratings and reviews implementation. He highlights several points and considerations for an optimal conversion and persuasion:

  • Placement for Visibility
    • Above the fold
    • Size
    • Stars or other graphic
    • Near point of attention or action
  • Review Interaction
    • Ease of reading
    • Sorting
    • Rating Distribution
    • Use across the site
  • Single Dimension versus Multi Dimension Reviews
    • What are the key attributes across different categories
    • Can review content influence purchase decision
  • Credibility Factors
    • Negative and Positive reviews
    • Review Approval policy
    • Reviewer Characteristics
  • What does a review mean
    • Number of Reviews
    • What questions are you asking
    • Qualitative versus quantitative

The Bazaarvoice implementation is very customizable, so while we are at the direction of our clients, our implementation team and community managers recommend many of these best practices to our clients to get the most out of the deployment of ratings and reviews. Further, he highlights several policy best practices that are already part of our solution. If you'd like a consultative meeting with our implementation team about ratings and reviews best practices, email Or, you can contact Bryan at

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