As a Board Member for Word of Mouth Marketing Association I'm obviously going to spread word of mouth on our conference. But for good reason.

Every day that customers trust advertising less is a day word of mouth becomes more critical to business growth. Yet there is ambiguity on who should own WOM marketing, what strategies are effective, how it should be measured, who should be targeted, and how to execute the right offline and online tactics.

I personally don't believe companies can be competitive or market leaders without having a comprehensive and operational focus on how their product and service drives word of mouth, along with a clear understanding of how to amplify the customer voice with word of mouth marketing strategies.

If you agree, you'll join me at this years WOMMA Summit, November 14 and 15 in Las Vegas. And, I'll sweeten the deal!…

When you register online, enter the code 'guestofbazaarvoice' for $75 off. And when I see you there, I'll buy (drinks that is…not your bets!).

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