In April, I blogged about the video, "Web 2.0 – The Machine Is Us/ing Us".  Now the same professor that created that video, Michael Wesch at Kansas State University, has created a new one called "Information R/evolution" that summarizes some of the key points of the book, "Everything Is Miscellaneous", which I blogged about in May.  The author of the book, David Weinberger, was the keynote speaker at this year's Annual Summit.  

For those that missed David's presentation, I recommend watching this video.  Or even for those that saw him speak, you may want to watch this and forward it to some folks in your company.  Tagging, and other user-generated content trends, will have a profound impact on eCommerce over the "long-term" (i.e., the next 1-3 years – remember this is an "Internet Speed" age we live in). 

I highly recommend reading his book as well.

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