Red Herring Global 100 AwardWe recently had our holiday party at Speakeasy, a bar on famous 6th St.  We rented out the whole joint, and it was a blast.  We had our own stand-up comedian (I’m not joking – she is one of our Community Managers), and she gave a fantastic performance.  We also had the karaoke machine going through the night, a great assortment of “adult beverages”, and catering from Cuba Libre.

There is no doubt that 2007 has been a banner year for Bazaarvoice.  From winning Red Herring’s Global 100 award to launching clients like Wal-Mart, we have achieved one major milestone after another.  And there is also no doubt that it is because of our amazing people that we have had such a year.  I wake up every day with a smile on my face because I work with the best and the brightest.

Culture has been important to me and the executive team from day one.  We regularly put initiatives and policies in place to shape our culture, and it works.  One of them is that we never compromise on hiring.  If we have the slightest reservation about a candidate, we’ll pass.  This keeps our foundation incredibly strong.  Some of the others can be seen if you click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

For our holiday party, I asked our team what they liked most about working at Bazaarvoice.  I then presented the best of these at our holiday party.  Here are some of my favorites:

  • Delivering value to everyone [to businesses because we increase their revenues / to consumers because we help them make better decisions].
  • Co-workers – it is such a relief to know that the people you work with are dynamic, smart, and capable. I also like how everyone is constantly striving and surpassing goals that the entire group is working towards.
  • The vast opportunities here. There are always new things to learn, teach, improve, and create.  It makes me really feel and see the personal and professional growth that I’m experiencing at Bazaarvoice.
  • The opportunity to work with other people that are themselves jazzed about coming to work every day.  There is a buzz here I’ve not felt in years in the work environment.
  • The people – we rigidly guard our culture.  When we decide to hire somebody, we’re as sure as you can be during an interview that the person will fit in at Bazaarvoice.
  • We’re a very healthy company.  Many of our employees are friends outside of work.
  • Good work/life balance – this company is really good about having fun while working and organizing events to get us out of the office and have a change of pace to prevent burnout.
  • The “winning team” feeling.  Our company is kicking &*$, and it’s great to be on the winning team.  Our competition is inferior to us and we enjoy the success that we have as a team.
  • The people – everyone at Bazaarvoice is incredibly helpful.  I feel like I don’t have to deal with any unnecessary red-tape when talking to anyone and we all work together to get things done. It is awesome to work on projects and know that everyone else at Bazaarvoice has your back and will be there to support you.
  • Our client list.  It is awesome to work on so many well-known companies/brands.  I bet everyone related to a BV employee gets annoyed when we start pointing saying “they’re a client… they’re a client… they’re a client…” but it’s just so much fun. :)
  • Complete trust of the proven leadership at our company.  Our solutions are a perfect match for today’s market.
  • Everyone I work with is a top performer, without exception.  Because of this, I am constantly challenged by my teammates and have had faster growth here than anywhere else.
  • Bazaarvoice People – there’s nothing more inspiring than being surrounded by people who like to dream big, always present the energy and excitement on how to improve things, and make things happen.
  • There’s a fantastic mix of autonomy and teamwork, which brings out the wacky individualism of everyone as well as the accountability of being part of a team.
  • I would actually pay money to see my colleagues’ responses to this question – they’re that creative, energetic, and bullish on Bazaarvoice.
  • The products – our products work and our customers love them.  It’s exciting to be on the cutting edge of word of mouth marketing.
  • Our customers – we are working with some of the largest companies in the world and it is exciting to know that we are impacting their business.

2008 is going to be an even more amazing year for Bazaarvoice and our clients.  With 7 products in 20 languages, referenceable clients across the world, a clear business opportunity, and a winning team, the sky is the limit.  If you are thinking about joining us, now is the time.  Click here to see our job listings, and please – spread the word to your friends!

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