By Luke Iseman, Partnerships Director 

U2 is a great band, but far too many ecommerce experiences make me recall their 1987 chart-topper, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." Even at leading online retailers, it’s often way too hard for me to find the information I need to move from browsing to buying.

At Bazaarvoice, we’re doing our best to change that by integrating the voice of the customer throughout the shopping experience, including how shoppers search, navigate, and discover the products that best match their needs. Listed below are 5 unique examples of how we’re helping shoppers worldwide find what they’re looking for:

1. Top Rated Product categories: Merchandising categories that highlight the highest-rated items drive increased conversion, higher average order values, and greater sales per visitor.

2. Sort By Customer Ratings: Shoppers that sort product search results by customer rating bought 34% more than other searchers at Golfsmith.

3. Multi-focal Navigation: Enabling your shoppers to use customer ratings and reviews data along with other criteria to sort through hundreds of products makes online shopping more like reality: you wouldn’t walk into a Wal-Mart and just sort through everything by price alone!

4. Review-Enabled Landing Pages For Brands: This is new, but early results look promising. Also enticing is the possibility of retailers offering a unique branding opportunity to their top suppliers, perhaps for a fee!

5. Smarter Recommendations: Featuring customer ratings data in product recommendation windows helps recommendation engines deliver more relevant recommendations.

We’re excited about what we’ve accomplished with our customers and partners so far, but we’re even more excited about what they will do next. Have an idea for leveraging social commerce data to enhance the shopping experience? Please take a minute to include it in the comments below. Any day a customer brings us an idea for a new integration is indeed a beautiful day.

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