Written by Joel Knight, Marketing Services Manager, on April 1, 2008

Recent politico, native Texan, and internet sensation Chuck Norris has agreed to hold a special workshop on Anti-Social Commerce as part of the first annual Bazaarvoice Social Commerce Summit.

As many of you know, Mr. Norris has become a towering figure across the landscape of online user-generated content.  Mr. Norris’ fans have eschewed the modest information provided in his autobiography and official website.  Instead, they have harnessed the power of UGC to provide a richer, more authentic account of his life.  The most celebrated of these accomplishments include the following:

  • “Chuck Norris can divide by zero.”
  • “Chuck Norris does not sleep.  He waits.”
  • “Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer.  Too bad he has never cried.”

Over the years, Mr. Norris has conducted an enormous amount of industry research in the nascent field of Anti-Social Commerce.  His research has focused specifically on the impact of roundhouse kicks to the face on consumer shopping behavior.  In a A/B split test, he reported that conversion increases with customer reviews present jumped by as much as 100%, while customers influenced by the threat of a flying front kick converted as high as 500%! Email click through rates would jump 250% with the presence of a 100 pixel tall bearded Texas Ranger. Average Order Value jumped 200% when personalization engines included the threat of being repeatedly punched and/or kicked in the face.

Amidst all the hype about Anti-Social Commerce, early adopters are intensely focused on finding ways to measure ROI.  We hope you will join Mr. Norris for this workshop to learn how division by zero can boost the profitability of your Anti-Social Commerce campaigns.  In addition, Mr. Norris will provide strategies and recommendations on how you can:

  • Identify and energize your brand advocates.
  • Increase conversion and average order value.
  • Defend yourself against an army of ninjas.

After the conclusion of the workshop, Mr. Norris will be around to sign autographs and will have a special booth open to give out free twisted knuckle punches to convince senior managers to buy-in to his new Anti-Social Commerce strategies.

Click here to visit our Social Commerce Site.  If you are faint under the sheer sight of Mr. Norris, or may fear you will fall unconscious to a roundhouse kick to the jaw, ask for smelling salts under “special needs.” And click here if you have any other questions about this announcement.

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