Over the next few weeks, we’re presenting key takeaways from each of the presentations and panel discussions offered at the Social Commerce Summit in May. These posts highlight ways to maximize ROI, manage potential risk, and foster growth of social commerce solutions, while providing specific examples of how such solutions have impacted both small and large organizations.

Look for these posts to learn more about how social commerce is changing the way business interact with their markets and what your company can do to stay relevant in this ever-changing marketplace.

Social Commerce Summit 2008: Strategies for Opening Your Brand

Kelly Mooney, President, Resource Interactive and author of The Open Brand

An OPEN brand reaches a variety of consumers. Being OPEN means being: on-demand, personal, engaging, and networked. There are four key online personas that every good strategy must reach. True openness lies in reaching each one with a dynamic plan.

1. The “I Can” User: Uses the Internet for life-management.

To reach this class, keep information on-demand. For example, open your site with universal usernames and passwords for each user. Don’t put a barrier between potential buyers and the check-out link. Make UGC portable — make the information available on hand-held devices and usable in-store.

2. The “I Connect” User: Uses the Internet to connect with similar-minded people.

To reach this class, personalize your content. Create tools that help these people visualize the product in their lives. For example, let them upload photos into a program that would permit them to place your paint on their walls and your carpet on their floors.

3. The “I Am” User: Uses the Internet to influence.

Engage this crowd through personalized experiences and emotional connections. Ask the consumer how you should engage them. Let them participate with the brand in many ways. For example, provide shopping and networking options.

4. The “I matter” User: Seeks recognition from the Internet.

Get involved in networking to reach these folks. These people ask others for advice and give advice. Find out where this dialogue happens, and then get involved.

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