Philosophy is a great skincare company that goes far beyond products – as their name suggests, their brand is about a way of being – a philosophy!

To that end, they launched their “Your Mom’s Philosophy” campaign to encourage their customers to share the life-changing stories and lessons their moms taught them. Once stories were posted, writers encouraged others to vote, and two winners received $1200 Philosophy shopping sprees. The campaign was envisioned and executed by Philosophy’s agency, dotbox media and included a Google Maps API integration to show where the users’ were from..

Philosophy hoped to gain new visitors to its site – and boy, did they succeed. Here are some of the results:

  • They received more than 1,000 stories in just over a month and thousands of votes.
  • During the month of May, 39% of their entire web traffic came in through their “Your Mom’s Philosophy” pages
  • 33% of all their visitors overall read stories during their time on the site.
  • Visitors through Stories had 81% more page views and 20% higher average order value than average

Traffic is still coming into the “Your Mom’s Philosophy” pages as daughters share their stories with friends and family.

Philosophy used Bazaarvoice’s newest product, Stories, to make the entire process simple. They used our flexible options to style the input to match their existing site and brand, and our three-tier moderation – with our standard SLA of fewer than 72 hours – meant that they could collect stories with confidence and ease.

We’re excited to say we have dozens more clients launching Stories, using it for holidays, special campaigns, and even recruiting! Keep an eye here for more great implementations, and think about how you can go beyond the product to build bridges between your brand and your customers.

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