Coincidentally, on the same day, I found out our brand is featured in two YouTube videos. This is a bit of corporate self indulgence to share this, but I also wanted to share an interesting video from Josh Bernoff of Forrester.

The first place we found our logo featured today is an interview and acoustic set with the #1 band in Austin, The Band of Heathens. Here the lead singer is wearing our Bazaarvoice “University” t-shirt.

YouTube Preview Image

Next, our friend Josh Bernoff (who spoke at our Social Commerce Summit) pokes fun at social technology providers with Blendtec. He does a “Will it Blend?” segment mixing the tchotchkies from several providers, including our flavored toothpicks which we handed out at our BBQ night during the Social Commerce Summit.

YouTube Preview Image

Funny stuff Josh. Now you may want to blend that tie!

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