When I envisioned our Ask & Answer product it was based largely on my experience at Dell where the vast majority of customers would call the phone number at the top of the page with a “quick question” that couldn’t be answered on the web site. So one of the financial objectives of this product was to lower these costs, as well as drive sales.

As our Ask & Answer product gains traction with our clients, we are seeing these results. Or rather, THEY are seeing these results.

As Canada’s most-shopped retailer, Canadian Tire has more than 1,000 stores and a team of customer service representatives who respond to phone calls and emails from customers who have questions about products, returns, and order status, among others.

They implemented Ask & Answer and enabled customers and team members to answer customer-submitted questions, and in just six months, they saw some great customer support cost savings.

In short, Ask & Answer reduced product-related support calls by letting those answers to be published on the site for everyone to see. Products that had at least one answer received 28% fewer product-related service contacts – almost 4,400 fewer contacts! P

It’s important to note this also resulted in a more positive experience for Canadian Tire customers. They didn’t have to make a call or send an email and wait for an answer – they were able to find answers right on the product pages of the website, asked by other customers just like them. So while reducing support costs, Canadian Tire also improved the experience! Read the full case study – and more about Canadian Tire – here.

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