Bryan Eisenberg (Bazaarvoice advisor) just released his latest book, Always Be Testing, The Complete Guide to Google Website Optimizer. The book is only 25% on  Google Optimizer and 75% how to test, what you should test, and insights into customer buying behavior. In other words, regardless of what optimizer solution you have, this book will be useful. In fact, if you or your employees are responsible for web site performance and results, this book should sit on their desk and will be referenced often. Bryan covers topics such as readability, use of color and images, terminology, statistical significance, headlines, calls to action, persuasive copywriting, navigation, up-sell, cross-sell, trust and credibility, security and privacy,  and several case studies.

And on page 240 he dedicates four pages to “Using Reviews”.  In that section, Bryan highlights the following useful questions to ask about reviews on your site:

  1. Do you offer credible, quality reviews?
  2. Are they fresh? Specific?
  3. Are there sufficient numbers of reviews?
  4. How do the negative reviews compare to the positive reviews?
  5. Are you encouraging reviews that transcend the “nice,” “worked fin,” and “great product” responses that really don’t contribute to elaborating on your product descriptions?
  6. Do you offer multiple or appropriate ways for customers to provide review information?
  7. Do you screen your reviews or have a procedure for removing blatantly inappropriate reviews?
  8. Do you manipulate your reviews to skew feedback in a way that could backfire on you?
  9. Do you make the effort to communicate intelligent reviews to product manufacturers so they might work to improve their product?

If you’re interested in how Bazaarvoice answers some of these questions with our solution, check out our Ratings and Reviews page and Service page.

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