This post was guest-written by Matt Hawkins, Senior Marketing Analyst at Bazaarvoice.

When it comes to leveraging customer content in innovative and revenue generative ways, no one out-performs  With the sleek branding of the Answer Den thoroughly engaging their pet-loving online community, PETCO has received over 5,000 answers after being live with Ask & Answer for only a few months.

To fuel community participation, PETCO recently launched the “Answer This!” contest to gather even more answer volume and further increase the sales benefits they were already seeing from The Answer Den.

On top of the existing results from The Answer Den, after their “Answer This!” contest ended, PETCO saw an additional…

  • 69% increase in its conversion rate
  • 172% more views per visit (on top of already-elevated page views due to The Answer Den)
  • 150% more orders per session

…as a result of the additional content.

Ask & Answer has proven to be yet another great addition to the suite of social commerce products PETCO currently has deployed. PETCO adopted Ratings & Reviews in 2006 which has produced lower return rates and higher conversion rates. By adding Ask & Answer, PETCO has further made customer centricity a #1 priority with Bazaarvoice’s social commerce technologies. PETCO has truly demonstrated Metcalfe’s Law of Social Commerce which says: the more (in number) and more varied the uses of your customer-generated content, the greater the return for your business.

Even prior to launching The Answer Den it was no surprise to PETCO that more questions and answers would result in an increase in sales (see: case study). PETCO was already seeing phenomenal results from the Answer Den and the contest only magnified its effect on boosting sales.

Before PETCO ran the contest aimed at driving volume and boosting sales, they saw that those who visited the Answer Den had…

  • 100% more orders per session
  • 90% more page views per session
  • 72% higher conversion rate
  • 28% more items/order
  • 9% higher average order value
  • -6% item abandonment rate
  • -6% shopping cart abandonment rate

…compared to shoppers who visited a category page (which is where the Answer Den is implemented).

You can read all the details in our latest Ask & Answer case study. Excellent work, PETCO!

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