This blog post was guest-written by Matt Hawkins, Senior Marketing Analyst.

This January, we were thrilled to launch Ratings & Reviews for our first client in The Netherlands, huge retailer Wehkamp serves a significant amount of reviews content, averaging well over 900,000 reviews viewed daily…and this number is growing! Even more exciting? This doesn’t even include content seen on their top-rated email campaigns, post-purchase emails, and more (all driving incremental ROI).

Not long after launching, Wehkamp saw a lift in conversion, average order value, time on site, and lower bounce rates. Seeing these results only increased our excitement about having a leading European retailer experience significant ROI from Ratings & Reviews (albeit not surprising!.. see our other case studies).

And Wehkamp makes strategic decisions based on their customers’ input. Read more in our interview with Alexander Van Slooten, Manager of Internet Strategy at Wehkamp about what they’ve done with Ratings & Reviews.

Not long after Wehkamps’ launch, huge French retailer Mistergooddeal launched Ratings & Reviews and experienced a 40% lift in conversion for top rated products (see Mistergooddeals’ Reviews splash page). For us at Bazaarvoice, this was fantastic news – but again, no surprise, considering how many clients are successful with best practice of using customer content in “Top Rated” or “Customer Favorite” promotional collateral (see our case studies).

These two leading European retailers continue to follow our strategic best practices, build their online community, engage customers, and boost sales!

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