This blog was guest written by Anna Skaya, UK Community Manager.

We all love good customer stories, especially ones that show how UGC changes the business from the inside out. It’s great hearing anecdotal stories from our clients, but getting to test, analyze, and actually prove value is even better. One of our premier UK clients is dominating both worlds – not only did Boden raise the bar on growing their online community (since launch, they’ve gathered over 70,000 reviews!), they also made sure that these results went towards helping prove ROI and bottom line benefits for the business.

Being a ‘big deal’ in the catalogue business means always making sure that your investments are making you the returns you expect – exactly the kind of thinking we admire in our clients. Working on a joint case study, both Boden and Bazaarvoice teams made sure to cover many different aspects of conversion and ROI.
In the end, the data speaks for itself. Using segmentation analysis, we compared users who read reviews (those who clicked on the ‘read all reviews’ link) and those that didn’t. Double digit increases in both sales conversion and average order value point out that the user-generated data on the site is helping drive solid numbers. Make sure to check out the full case study – fantastic results all around!

Being able to drive direct ROI for one of the most beloved, influential, and smartest apparel brands in the UK is a big deal – being able to tie direct stories to how this is changing the business from the inside out is even more powerful. To supplement the Case Study, Boden also asked their renowned design team and garment techs what they thought of product reviews on the site. Turns out close to 90% of the internal teams read reviews, either on the site or through an internal system, and over 85% say Ratings & Reviews will directly affect their work in the next season.

Here are some direct quotes for the designers themselves:

“I find this really really useful, and read the comments regularly. This is so that I can decide if we want to place more repeat orders, based on if we think the garment will return more highly than expected. Also, I like that you can filter the comments by rating, date etc.”

“It does tend to confirm for me that there is no one opinion about a product, and not all product shapes suit all figures- It’s nice to have lovely glowing reviews alongside those that are slightly more critical- good to have a balance. It’s nice to know that our products are making some people happy and that they’re taking time out to review them!”

Word of mouth full circle: letting the customer speak directly to the design department, then listening to that feedback and letting them help build a better product. Johnnie Boden must be so proud of his fantastic team!

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