The first European Social Commerce Summit had many tricks and surprises, but the one thing that didn’t surprise many of us was the winner of the coveted Social Commerce Achievement AwardWehkamp. We feel privileged to be working with many of our innovate clients, both across the UK and EU, but this one stands out as the leader in the Social Commerce space.

Wehkamp has been a solid driver of innovation and excellence for almost a year now – with solid review volume across all their categories, they continuously push us to improve and drive the market. As one of our key European clients, they have been instrumental in our understanding of the European word of mouth, and I know they will continue to be a force when it comes to launching viral and social initiatives on their site. Check out their current “Review and Win” campaign that urges participants to leave a video review, and be entered for a chance to win a car!

Great job all around for their very hard-working team – the Award is yours this year, we hope you continue to be the face of European success and innovation for Bazaarvoice!

Besides the Achievement Award, we also gave away four other awards for different successes in the UGC space – below is a quick overview of the Awards and the Winners!

Best Proof of ROI – Given to a client who did the best job proving ROI with the Bazaarvoice solution.
Winner: BODEN

Best Use of UGC in Email – Given to a client who drove the most value via email.

Best Participation Campaign – Given to a client who ran the most successful one-time campaign.
Winner: ARGOS

Best Use of Negative Reviews – Given to a client who uses negative reviews to drive changes within their organization.
Winner: WICKES

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