This blog post guest-written by Kevin Daniels, Product Manager for Bazaarvoice Stories.

Bazaarvoice Stories, introduced in July 2008, has been getting major traction with our clients, and I’m excited to say that we will have more than 20 clients launching Stories campaigns in the coming three months. I’m writing a series of posts about some particularly exciting implementations.

Canadian Tire is a huge retailer in Canada – 85% of Canadians live within a 15 minute drive of a Canadian Tire, and they have huge brand recognition. They’re also an extremely innovative Bazaarvoice client, having implemented all Bazaarvoice products.

They recently launched a Christmas-themed campaigne that encouraged customers to share their stories about how Canadian Tire has been part of their Christmas celebrations.
They really got some great insight into how their customers view Canadian Tire, collecting stories like these…

“At all of our Christmas parties now, we receive many compliments from family & friends rather than the pitied look we received the first year as newly-weds. Canadian Tire helped us turn our Christmas into a festive one.”

“Canadian Tire has been part of my life for many many years. When I was a small child, I remember each and every christmas, my Dad would make one shopping trip for my whole families christmas gifts..and that store was Canadian Tire.”

“Moving away from home for the first time can make the holiday season a little depressing. I decided that I needed some Christmas decorations to help put me in better spirits. As a kid my parents always took me to Canadian Tire to buy these things so it was the first place I went. Just visiting the store and browsing through all the Christmas isles made me feel like I was home again.”

This campaign taps into the loyalty that Canadian Tire customers have for the retailer, in ways they couldn’t have imagined. And it allows them to connect their brand with a heart-warming holiday: Christmas.

Continuing to innovate, Canadian Tire has also launched Stories on every product page, along with Ratings & Reviews and Ask & Answer. Here, they’re helping shoppers at every phase in the purchase decision-making process:

  • Stories: Share how this product is part of your life – this speaks to the “inspirational” phase of the purchase cycle: “I don’t know exactly what I want – what’s special overall about this product?
  • Ratings & Reviews: “I’m considering this product; what do others think?”
  • Ask & Answer: “I’m interested in the product, but I have questions.” The community contributes answers.

This is just one story of a Bazaarvoice client connecting with their customers at a brand level. Watch this space for more about Stories!

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