Nielsen recently reported the results of a study that found 81% of online holiday shoppers are using reviews. This is higher than Jupiter/Forrester had found over a year ago, where over 70% of online shoppers sought out reviews. We also know from Jupiter that over 60% of offline purchases (some studies suggest more) are affected by online research. So, it’s quite possible that two-thirds of total retail sales are affected by reviews. We served 1.2B impressions of UGC on Cybermonday, and now serving 2 billion impressions of UGC per month on average.

Of course, if you aren’t leveraging the power of customer contributiosn right now, this news comes a little too late for this holiday season. However, it’s never too late. The impact of user generated content is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the entire year! Get started just after the holidays.

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