As you’re “working” your way through this last Friday before Christmas, take a moment to check us out on Twitter (@bazaarvoice).

You’ll see what’s on our mind, new customers who have signed or launched, new research and articles we’re reading or writing, and, every once in awhile, some fun information about what’s going on “inside.”

We have several folks tweeting, with input from several departments, including Client Services. We’ll try to keep it relevant and fun!

ekMEDIA created a custom Twitter background for us, so people who don’t know us can learn more about us instantly. We’re also using BudURL to track click-throughs to our links. This allows us to understand what types of tweets get the most interest, and we can also see who is clicking to track to potential prospect companies. These are both great Austin entrepreneurs we’re proud to support!

If you have any ideas about what you’d like to hear about from us, or suggestions about who we should follow, let us know!

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