It’s funny how the week after Christmas is like a historical “grey zone”. We’re either focusing on predictions or memories! So, here’s looking back at some of our most popular blog posts in 2008:

  1. 21 Case Studies of Social Commerce Impact (yes…real $$)
  2. How to Stop Losing Market Share to Amazon
  3. Introducing BrandVoice — The First “User Generated” Channel Marketing Program
  4. Internet Retailer Study: Reviews Top Priority for Retailers in Tough Economy
  5. Mary Meeker’s June 20 Technology Trends Report
  6. Bazaarvoice Summit Cliffnotes #16: Negative Reviews: Loving the Ones Who Hate You
  7. Wal-Mart Goes Multichannel with User-Generated Content
  8. Best Buy Using Reviews in Advertising
  9. How Jet Blue is Turning Negative Word of Mouth into Positive
  10. Here’s the Wrap on Bazaarvoice 2008 Social Commerce Summit

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