This blog was guest-written by Anna Skaya, Bazaarvoice Community Manager in the UK.

B2B Clients and Prospects, take note! Just because you don’t have direct access to the end user doesn’t mean you can’t influence, educate, and connect. You just have to think outside the inbox.

Treatment Abroad is a niche B2B site that offers access to hundreds of medical tourism sites and information across the globe. They launched reviews with the hope of introducing their users to a different way of shopping for medical services – one offers commentary and feedback from their fellow users.

Below are some of the ways Treatment Abroad are promoting Ratings & Reviews on and off the site:

Treatment Abroad Splash Page – This is one of the most comprehensive Ratings & Reviews informational pages  – clean, direct, and easy to navigate. Treatment Abroad is always educating their clients on the benefits of advocating Ratings & Reviews to their users, and having a solid splash page is the best place to start. As B2B, you have an extra role of passing along new technologies and information to your own customers. Educating them about the benefits of user-generated content as a clear advantage should start with a great splash page.

Treatment Abroad Blog Post – Keith Pollard is the company’s founder and an expert when it comes to the medical travel industry. Niche blogs, when well-written and informational, have a solid following, and as Keith is a speaker at many conferences and has close relationships with many of his clients, using his own blog to talk about the benefit of reviews has wide impact. Use your own corporate blog to mention reviews, or highlight some of your favorite Ratings & Reviews content. We all love good stories, so blog about yours!

Multichannel Marketing – Being B2B in a “late adoption” market can be difficult if you want to reach the end user, so you might need to take things off-line. Treatment Abroad created different leaflets and pamphlets that they sent to their clients, advertizing the Ratings & Reviews features. The ones that have passed these on to their customers are seeing 10x the review volume!

Because of the nature of this business, the medical industry reviews themselves are epic. Who doesn’t want to get their users writing this kind story-like content? I love using this client as an example of a business that truly gives their users an avenue to talk about their experience.

In an industry that doesn’t stand up well to change and criticism (reviewing doctors gets tricky), Treatment Abroad has set themselves apart and have done it right. By partnering up with Bazaarvoice, their users have a peace of mind that they are reading honest feedback from customers just like them. It is especially important for a B2B client to work with a trusted partner since they are “selling” this to their own clients. As a B2B, there are very creative ways to promote reviews and generate content – reach out to your Community Manager for more ideas and best practices.

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