Last week, the Bazaarvoice manufacturing sales team headed to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. It is the largest convention of the year with 2,700 exhibitors, 110,000 attendees and over 1.7 million square feet of exhibit space.

It was a great opportunity to meet with our consumer electronic clients and hear about how they are using the voice of the customer to drive their business. One of the most exciting conversations was with Patrick Beck, a Marketing Manager for Altec Lansing. Altec Lansing is an industry leader in the design, manufacture, marketing, and support of advanced audio solutions for PCs and related technologies.

Altec Lansing recently launched the Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews service and most importantly are breathing customer oxygen (as Sam Decker would say) into the organization. This was prominently displayed as part of the Altec Lansing future product exhibit room where they bring buyers and partners in to show them the next generation technology coming out of the company. Here are a few pictures from the room (our lips are sealed on what great new things will be coming to market).
We talked to Patrick about their program and the genesis behind these display ads. He said that at Altec it is “important for us to a have an open dialogue with the marketplace.” This type of conversation is supported from all parts of the organization. One group that is already benefitting is Product Development. Recently they had a product that was being rated very highly; however, when they analyzed the review content they found some great insight. Customers loved everything about the product except for the fact that it attracted fingerprints. The 24×7 focus group created by Ratings & Reviews enables Altec and other companies to learn from their customers in real time.

We also discussed feedback from outside the organization. Customers are clearly supportive of the idea judging by the content already shared. Patrick said their “retailers are really behind the idea as well.” Not only will it help Altec learn about the needs of their customers it also provides them invaluable content to share with their online retail counterparts.

Here is an example where Altec is sharing review content on Best Buy. This type of content syndication helps retailers fill gaps in their review base and most importantly provides a complete picture for customers so they can make an informed product decision.

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