Last week we made a big announcement.

Ken Saunders photoI’m thrilled to announce that Ken Saunders has joined our executive team as CFO.  Ken is a very important addition to our team, and this was an exhaustive search.  For our rapid growth (more than 400 employees and 320 clients globally in less than 4 years since founding), plans for the future, and exciting challenges ahead, we needed a high-scale CFO that fit our culture.  On both the experience and culture front, I know that Ken will add a lot to the company in both areas.

Ken has had a wealth of experience – starting with Arthur Andersen, then working with publicly-traded and privately-held companies in all stages of the process (in one case, even going from public to private!).  He has served as CFO for other enterprise software companies, including Peregrine, whom he turned around after a Chapter 11 filing and negotiated its sale to HP.  He worked for HNC Software, which was purchased by global firm Fair Isaac, then joined them as CFO, excelling in that role at a very high-scale, public company.  Most of his experience revolves around companies with dramatic sales growth, and he has worked on more than 50 mergers and acquisitions.

All of this experience gives us the perspective we need as we navigate through this exciting time of growth. We’re thankfully still rapidly growing, even in this economy, and we have huge plans for 2009.

Ken has made a big commitment, moving his family from Connecticut to Austin, and we’re thrilled to have him join our team.  He is already making a big impact here. 

Oh, and did I mention he rides a Harley to work?  Like our Director of People Operations, by the way.  Great culture comes in many forms, and it starts with breaking the status quo!

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