This post was guest-written by Anna Skaya, Bazaarvoice Community Manager in the UK.

Argos, our largest European client, released an email campaign last week to all customers who had either purchased or reserved a product during December. They had postponed sends during the month of December due to the high level of gift purchases and a possible lower level of response, and this strategy really paid off.

The Argos decision to hold all email until January was an important one from a level of return perspective. It also ensured that fresh reviews were received ahead of their January Catalogue launch, a key milestone in their trading calendar. We were under pressure to process and moderate the content quickly and accurately – Argos requires the highest degree of moderation so no drop in SLA or quality would be acceptable!

Result: Argos set a Bazaarvoice record by amassing more submissions in a 24 hour period than any other Bazaarvoice client, plus it doubled the previous highest number, set by a large US client. Way to go, UK!

The epic success of this campaign is not only based on the sample size. The internal Argos team followed our post-purchase email best practices: send out the email on a Tuesday or Wednesday between 10am and 4pm when most people are at the office as this is when review submissions seem to be most prolific. We also recommend waiting to send Christmas post-purchase emails until after the holidays, to help ensure a better return of high quality reviews. This not only generates more relevant content as the gifts have been opened and the returns have been made, but it will also increase review volume, since most people are now back in their ‘normal routine.’

Community Managers help our clients hone their post-purchase emails all the time – we have seen small tweaks to marketing campaigns equal huge changes in email open rates and review volume.

How did the Argos email do in numbers? See for yourself:

  1. Total reviews submitted in one day (11am to Midnight): 63,232 reviews
  2. Total reviews collected in 24 hours: ~70,000 reviews
  3. Total reviews since email launch: 90,000+ reviews
  4. Total reviews that might make it out of SLA: NONE!

This was the single biggest spike we have seen from our hundreds of clients. Argos sets a new record on number of reviews gathered in a day, beating out the previous record of 40,000 reviews set last fall. As our case studies show, more reviews equals higher sales conversion.

I love seeing a UK retailer drive such results! Look to Argos to being a key player in the online social commerce market – with a solid internal team, the right initiatives and innovative ideas, this is a true partnership!

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