We’re thrilled to win the Inaugural Innovation Contest at the 2009 Shop.org Strategy and Innovation Forum. One of our newest and most powerful programs, BrandVoice, will be featured among five winning ideas on Tuesday, February 3rd at the conference.

Attendees will hear all about the amazing results manufacturers and retailers have seen with BrandVoice by way of increased review volume and sales metrics.
While we know that products with more customer reviews sell better, just 15% of products are reviewed on retailer sites, on average. BrandVoice enables manufacturers to collect UGC on their sites, then syndicate it to retailers, who get this content for free. When Kingston syndicated reviews to OfficeDepot.com, Kingston reviews increased tenfold and conversion for reviewed products doubled. It’s a win-win.

Our thanks go to the Shop.org retailers, who selected us as one of the winners. We look forward to seeing you all at the Forum!

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