This blog post was guest written by Rebecca Dutta, International Community Manager
Wickes ( is one of the UK’s leading DIY & Home Improvement retailers, offering a wide selection of own-brand home improvement products designed to meet the requirements of keen DIY’ers and tradesmen alike. They launched Ratings and Reviews on their website in May 2008. Since then they’ve not only built up an excellent review volume across their vast product range by incentivising consumers with voucher codes, but they’ve also been incredibly forward thinking with regards to managing negative/sensitive reviews and thinking outside the box with  a fantastic new review strap line!

I asked Lubna Seago, Customer Experience Manager at Wickes, to share their 2009 review strategy with us.

Why are Customer reviews important to Wickes?

Customer reviews have had a huge impact since we implemented them on our site last year. They are now established as an economical and effective way to build a lasting, meaningful, and profitable relationship with our customers.
Opportunities and advantages in implementing our online product review functionality have been identified as follows:

  • A growth of customer trust in the website.
  • Increased confidence in the integrity of the Wickes brand.
  • The rapid establishment of a customer community.
  • A reliable and useful customer information resource, which can be analysed to reveal a number of underlying trends in consumer behaviour.
  • A source of original material for adverts and marketing campaigns.
  • A unique way of identifying under-performing products (and product areas) which may be in need of development.

You are currently running a fantastic multi-channel campaign focusing on the pride Wickes take in delivering quality products.  How does your new review tagline ‘It’s got your name on it’ tie in with your new campaign?

At Wickes, we are proud enough of every single one of our products and services to ‘put our name on it’. Wickes is 95% own brand so we are using ‘It’s Got Our Name On It’ as a strap line to communicate this key message:

“Pride in our products = Quality + Value”

‘Serious’ DIY’ers and tradesmen share a desire for a job well done. In the case of the ‘serious’ DIY’er, it is a matter of personal pride and satisfaction; in the case of the tradesmen, it is a commercial imperative – winning positive word-of-mouth recommendation from their clients is the key to gaining new business and running a successful enterprise.

We are using customer reviews to assert this message with the campaign ‘It’s Got Your Name On It’.

The main aim is to let our customers feel that they have a fundamental connection with Wickes, no matter what their level of DIY expertise. They are free to share their thoughts on any product/project, and ‘put their name on it’, safe in the knowledge that we both take pride in a job well done.

How do you think reviews will help Wickes maintain a reputation for quality in 2009?

With the customer review system now firmly established on our website, our customers are playing a vital role in ensuring that Wickes continues to provide the best products and service possible.

We study each review, take into account what the customer is saying and use this information to identify opportunities to improve the customer shopping experience. For example, we have been able to:

  • Create a ‘Top Rated Products’ section on our homepage, making it easier for customers to browse these popular items.
  • Update and improve individual products’ ‘features and benefits’ listed on the website.
  • Contact customers directly to deal with their issues and concerns.
  • Add quotes from reviews onto marketing materials e.g. brochures, catalogues.

The overwhelmingly positive customer reviews that we receive each day are a testament to the Wickes brand values of market leading quality, unbeatable prices, and expert advice

And our customers are not only writing about how good they think we are, they are also proving it by making repeat purchases, and recommending Wickes to their friends.

All of which bodes well for the future, as we continue to search for ways and means of achieving excellence in every aspect of our customer shopping experience, both online and in-store.

As a Community Manager at Bazaarvoice, it really excites me to see my client making an extra effort to reap the full benefits of user generated content. Wickes ( are an excellent example of how best to use review content to offer a high level of customer care.

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  1. Wickes have come up with a great marketing strategy here; im surprised their competitors haven’t employed the same reviewing systems. It brings a new element into the online channel

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