This blog post was guest written by Meghan Meehan, Bazaarvoice Community Manager.

TurboTax is undoubtedly one of Bazaarvoice’s most innovative clients.  Not only do they do a fantastic job of acquiring user-generated content, they’re also constantly discovering new and creative ways to leverage the content they’ve collected.  They recently launched a national campaign promoting Ratings & Reviews in brick and mortar stores, using our new MobileVoice product.  This allows in-store shoppers to read reviews of TurboTax software on their cell phones.

Before the Super Bowl kicks off on Sunday, TurboTax is kicking off an amazing event of their own.  They’ve launched a groundbreaking interactive banner that uses review quotes and photos submitted by reviewers as part of a larger Super Bowl campaign.  This ad was front and center on Yahoo!’s home page until midnight last night, and you can see it archived here.  Take a look (be sure to click the “click here for full experience” link).  You have to see it to believe it!

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