This blog was guest-written by Scott Koester, Bazaarvoice Product Manager for Search.

I recently read an article that touted the increase in search traffic this holiday season. This holiday, search traffic was up 6% vs. 2007. It is great to see search continue to contribute more and more to retailers during a difficult and challenging period.  Here is a graph the shows the key take-away from the article:

While this increase was good, I wanted to see how UGC was helping our clients land more organic search traffic. After reviewing our top 40 clients (excluding any client that wasn’t live for at least a year), we found that our clients on average were seeing 135% more organic search traffic from user-generated content January 2009 versus January 2008. This growth is due to a lot of factors including more content, more review related queries by consumers, and clients purchasing our enhanced search products.

It’s great to see UGC combining with search to deliver significant results for our clients.

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