This post was guest-written by Meghan Meehan, Bazaarvoice Community Manager.



Call me stereotypical, but I’m not ashamed to admit I watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials.  One of my favorite ads this year was’s “David Abernathy – Lifetime of Confidence” spot. The ad chronicles the life of David Abernathy, an ordinary man born with extraordinary confidence. Despite his inflated ego, when it comes to car buying, David is just as nervous as the rest of us. So he turns to, where he is able to find the perfect car at the right price. The ad was directed by Lars & the Real Girl director, Craig Gillespie, who won a DGA for Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials in 2006. continues to build momentum for the spot by letting it live on their website. Upon watching the video, visitors are also given the ability to search for Ratings & Reviews on vehicles! This is a fantastic example of a tightly integrated campaign, tying together TV spots, online advertising, and User-Generated Content. even created a Facebook celebrity profile for David Abernathy, further extending the promotion’s reach.

Ratings & Reviews are a perfect fit for this campaign. There is no better way to feel confident about investing in a new car than to read what people like you have said about the vehicle. And if there ever was a site built for UGC, is it. Last fall we conducted a joint case study, where we learned customer reviews improve Intent-to-Buy metrics for We looked at ready-to-purchase metrics such as lead conversion, click-through to dealer maps, and seeking finance options. In each of these cases, visitors who read Reviews were more likely to convert.

It’s always exciting to see my clients infusing traditional advertising with Ratings & Reviews, and’s campaign does not disappoint. If you missed the spot, you can view it here. While you’re there, take a moment to read or write a review on your car!

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