This blog was guest-written by Scott Koester, Bazaarvoice Product Manager.

BrandVoice is taking off in a big way with manufacturers, and we’re pleased to see some great results.

We recently turned “on” BrandVoice for Dell, Epson, and Kingston on a major consumer electronics website and on These manufacturers had been gathering their own product reviews on their sites for several months; however, product reviews had been average on the retailer sites.

As soon as we started syndicating reviews via BrandVoice to retailer sites, review volumes on these sites dramatically increased for these products, with Dell seeing a 34X increase in number of reviews, going from about 32 reviews per product up to more than 1100 review per product.

In every case, BrandVoice helped each brand show way more reviews per product versus other competitive products in the product category. Epson products, for example, had 33X more reviews than other products in their category. Kingston now shows 7X more reviews than their competitors, and Dell product reviews show up 55 times more than other reviews in their categories, on average.

This online visibility increases product visibility on a retailer’s site. Just like brands fight for “shelf space” and placement within a store, product reviews can help products stand out more to research-driven consumers. Consumers trust products that have customer reviews, and higher review volumes lead to higher sales conversions.

If you’re a manufacturer capturing product reviews on your site, ask your online retailers how you can syndicate your reviews to their sites. And if you don’t yet capture reviews on the products you create, what are you waiting for?

Read more about how BrandVoice drives review volume increases, and also read how Kingston doubled its conversion with BrandVoice at

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