Registrations for the 2nd Annual Bazaarvoice Social Commerce Summit are picking up. The attendees from last year know this is a must-attend event. But remember, we’re capping this year at 300 to maintain productive networking. So I wanted to remind you to register now!

Every attendee I talked to last year said it was the best conference they attended all year. Take a look at the video and see what they mean:

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However, we know times are tough. We’ve talked to some who really want to go, but they need help convincing their CFO or boss to travel to Austin. So, we’ve pulled together a list of reasons and justifications people have used and are using to attend the Summit. These are some reactions from last year’s events from clients, and some reasons we’ve heard from brands and retailers who are coming this year. And perhaps a few we added ourselves! While all all them are nearly true, the first half+ may be more helpful for reasons you can bring to your boss. Keep the second half for your own self justification. :-)

  1. I don’t know what I don’t know.  I want to talk to my peers in the space and pick their brains on what has worked for them – and what hasn’t.
  2. I want to learn from and network with Bazaarvoice’s cutting edge clients
  3. Our marketing budget got slashed and we need to learn how to use UGC to market economically and effectively.
  4. It’s a great opportunity to see how UGC is impacting the bottom line for BV clients.
  5. I want to be ahead of Web 2.0.
  6. Every element of the Summit is 100% relevant to my business.
  7. Our goal is to integrate all our channels and I need to know how to use UGC to do this.
  8. We want to lead the pack in social commerce, not fall behind our competitors.
  9. Almost everyone has Reviews. What I want to know is, “What’s next?”
  10. We need to figure out how to make this work for our brand.
  11. I need to better understand all the ways to use Bazaarvoice Workbench, alerts and reports.
  12. My CMO wants me to figure out how to measure ROI.
  13. Austin is a cheap flight.
  14. This conference represents 50 percent of my job responsibilities.
  15. This conference is half the price of other conferences, and double the relevance.
  16. We know how to execute the fundamentals. We don’t know where things are headed.
  17. I just took over management of Ratings & Reviews and I don’t even know what it is.
  18. I’d love new and exciting social commerce ideas and inspiration.
  19. I will figure out how to reach our influencers and maximize their impact on sales.
  20. I want to see what the competition is doing.
  21. I will learn more about proving social commerce ROI.
  22. I need a smarter/better way to evangelize social commerce within my organization.
  23. I want to meet my Community Manager.
  24. This is one of those rare conferences where you learn something new.
  25. I’m just starting to use UGC, and I’ll get to learn the ropes from the best of the best.
  26. We need new ways to connect with and engage our community of loyalists.
  27. I need to understand why employing UGC is anywhere near as good as pay-for-performance… especially now!
  28. I want to know how _________ uses Bazaarvoice.
  29. Top executives from top retailers and manufacturers will be in attendance.
  30. I can network with the Who’s Who in social commerce.
  31. I’m a new client who is still implementing the BV solution; I’d like to engage with other customers to learn more about their experience.
  32. It’s like getting an MBA in social commerce.
  33. After meeting with the Bazaarvoice team face to face, I’m sure we can get more out of them!
  34. We need to add more cowbell to our marketing strategy.
  35. We get to play “Chicken S**t Bingo.”  This I’ve got to see!
  36. Finally, a conference I can attend in blue jeans and cowboy boots!
  37. I hear Bazaarvoice throws an awesome party!
  38. They say it’s an informative party. They’re breaking the laws of physics.
  39. I’ve been meaning to see a beer donkey before I die.
  40. BBQ will transform me into a better manager.
  41. I can win the mechanical bull contest, and I’ll bring you back the reward.
  42. This will make me the hero who proves that social marketing works for our company.
  43. It’s the only conference left.
  44. By April, I’ll be so sick of snow that I’ll need the spring thaw in Texas.
  45. Everything is bigger in Texas, so the Summit must be HUGE!
  46. Two days; 4 pounds of BBQ; 16 different flavored margaritas; 256 new friends; 65,536 new ways social commerce will advance your business.
  47. Ze Frank ( is speaking and I look forward to his unpredictability.
  48. The voices in my head are using word-of-mouth to tell me to attend. Listen to them.
  49. This conference will “complete me.”
  50. The Summit is on the University of Texas campus. That proves it’s educational.

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