This post was guest-written by Heather Lippincott, Bazaarvoice Community Manager.

On March 4, Bazaarvoice hosted a webinar focused on the benefits of user-generated content (UGC) throughout the entire organization. Moderated by Bazaarvoice’s Heather Brunner, the webinar cited exemplary statistics from Bazaarvoice clients Skymall and Oriental Trading Company.

UGC provides intelligence and value throughout the organization, not just in marketing. Forward-thinking companies allow their feedback to improve their overall business structure. In addition to the obvious benefits to sales, UGC can lower operational costs such as reduced returns and support calls, as well as helping reliability departments pinpoint design flaws or manufacturing errors. However, successful permeation requires grassroots initiative within the company as well as from the top down.

Retailer Skymall has integrated UGC throughout all of their customer touch points – on their Web site, mobile site, through their catalog as well as on their CRM system. Many of their phone customers ask, “Is this a good product?” With reviews linked to the CRM system, customer service representatives can provide shoppers with real customer feedback, resulting in higher conversion, higher AOV, and shorter transaction time. The agents also have insight into every reviewer interaction, reaching out to those whose reviews are exceptional, either positive or negative. As a result, Skymall has successfully transformed annoyed customers into happy repeat purchasers.

Oriental Trading Company (OTC) pulled together an eight-person SWAT team, bridging the merchandising, marketing, and inventory departments, to break down review content by the action needed and the department responsible. Thanks to this system, the team were able to catch a design flaw based on reviewers’ comments. After investigation, they took the item off their Web site, replaced inventory, and publicly responded to customers about the flaw, creating additional processes to alert them to similar failures in future.

To date, OTC has responded to more than 700 products, updating product images on 10 percent; updating product copy on 19 percent; discontinuing 38 percent; and returning 32 percent to their vendors. As a result, OTC has seen a 16 percent increase in conversion of 4- and 5-star products.

The voice of consumers is powerful for your enterprise. Listen to your customers. Take action. Then close the loop. If you missed this webinar, ask your Bazaarvoice Community Manager to send you the link.

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