This blog post was guest-written by Sherrie Nguyen, Bazaarvoice Community Manager.

When someone asks me what gets me most excited about working at Bazaarvoice, I have to talk about all the passion that I’ve found within this company. We have an amazing culture that fosters innovation and initiative. This message was reinforced when Brett asked us to read Tribes by Seth Godin and then utilize the principles we learned to take action.

One of our team members, Tony Capasso, decided to start a Tribe to raise our awareness of philanthropy. He started the Bazaarvoice Speaker Series and has brought in amazing speakers such as Doug Ulman, CEO of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Most recently we had the privilege of hearing Nick Valvano, CEO of The V Foundation for Cancer Research, share his experiences in continuing his brother’s fight to battle cancer through research.

Nick showed us what differentiates The V Foundation amongst other organizations – the focus on showing people how they run their business and what they do with the donations to make it more personal for donors. This business model has proven great results: they have raised $80 million since 1994 and have 1100+ volunteers. However, my biggest take-away from his speech is that these results would not be possible without supporters. WE can truly make a difference. After hearing Nick mention a program called Show Your Spirit, an event encouraging supporters to engage in the cause, I was inspired. Shawn Gaide, another Bazaarvoice team member, and I decided to team up and start our own Tribe.

Show Your Spirit truly promotes Jim Valvano’s contagious motto: “Don’t Give Up…Don’t Ever Give Up!”. Each year at the start of March Madness, the V Foundation encourages companies, organizations, and schools to form teams to help raise funds for cancer research. Last year this campaign raised $300,000, and we want to help them surpass that goal.

In true Bazaarvoice style and Tribe fashion, we decided to execute! On Friday, March 20, Bazaarvoice participated in Show Your Spirit. People came to work sporting their favorite NCAA team gear and were encouraged to donate $5 to cancer research. We engaged the entire Austin office, UK team, and all of our partners as well.

We raised $410 in our Austin office and had a great time kicking off March Madness.

It was great to see everyone support a wonderful cause and know we are making a difference. The best part is seeing that, in a culture of openness and teamwork, Bazaarvoice employees are quick to offer support. This is the essence of our Tribe.

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