Bazaarvoice’s Social Commerce Summit is coming up next month, and last year’s attendees are eager to speak up about their favorite experiences. Here’s what Michael Roehricht, Palm’s Director of Corporate Web, has to share:

What was your key takeaway from the Social Commerce Summit? I really enjoyed last year’s Summit. I was able to network and learn new things from the sessions.

What was most memorable about the Social Commerce Summit? The bull ride and armadillo racing was personally the most memorable for me.

How has Bazaarvoice helped your company progress in social commerce? Our brand is no longer Palm’s brand [alone], and we all know that this holds true across the board. Companies naturally have to become more ‘open’ brands and social commerce is a natural extension of that fundamental belief.

What are you most looking forward to at the 2009 Summit? As for looking forward to this year, I think the overall agenda is going to be great. Lots of networking and learning. At Palm, we’ll be going full steam ahead with social marketing and there is a lot to learn. Bazaarvoice is a great partner that can help evangelizing the concept here at Palm across the large amount of stakeholders.

Thanks, Michael!

Visit for more information about the 2009 event.

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