Our 2009 Social Commerce Summit is officially sold out! We have loads of great content in store, and there’s still room to tailor the Summit to your needs; if you’re attending, just contact us and tell us what you’d like to get from the event.

One of the most valuable aspects of the Summit is networking with your peers, like Michelle Kohanzo, marketing manager for children’s retailer Land of Nod. In 2008, Michelle came away from the 2008 Summit with more than just her new favorite T-shirt.

What was your key take away from the Social Commerce Summit?
It just got me thinking in a different way…so much more forward-thinking. It wasn’t just about Bazaarvoice and its products.  It was about all social aspects of the internet. I left there so energized and immediately wanted to start taking action on all the things I had learned.

What was most memorable about the Social Commerce Summit?
I left there with so many great ideas that were truly actionable (how to use display ads, how to engage our community through our top reviewers, etc). Also the t-shirt I got is my favorite t-shirt in the whole world.  It’s so soft. :-)

What did you enjoy most?
The sessions were so much deeper than other conferences I’ve attended and so many great ideas came out of it.  I really enjoyed the Kelly Mooney keynote. It was the perfect length and was well worth my time.

We’ve got new shirts this year – and marketing strategies, too. We look forward to seeing everyone in just two short weeks!

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