This blog post is guest-written by Scott Koester, Product Manager for Bazaarvoice Search.

Scott Koester leads discussion at the search round table

Our Summit buzzed with input from our clients, and search was a major topic. During our round table sessions, search was a hot topic; we put two full tables together.

At the round table, we went in-depth about our SearchVoice Inline solution, which enables clients to index content directly on their product detail pages. While this capability has been available for over a year, the round table gave us a platform to discuss our latest approach which offers clients an easier way to deploy this functionality and integrate it with the rest of our SearchVoice platform, including our incredibly effective SearchVoice Microsite.

In fact, a top retailer decided on the spot to use SearchVoice Inline on its upcoming Ask & Answer implementation, and pushed up the date of their deployment – a sure sign that online retailers understand the value of UGC in its ability to increase search results. In addition, we signed a new SearchVoice deal at the Summit, and I have meetings with eight more clients and prospects who want to know more about how Bazaarvoice can impact search for them.

Jason Burby, Chief Analytics and Optimization Officer for ZAAZ, speaker at our Summit, and a contributor to ClickZ, noted in his recent Summit recap, “Nearly everyone who talked about ratings and reviews saw huge impacts on their organic search listings. The content in reviews often helps companies with searchable content, doubling or tripling the helpful content that search engines see. You’ve probably started to see this more with the searches you do online in terms of landing on product review pages.”

And it’s true. As budgets shrink, companies are focusing on natural search as one of the best ways to impact top-line growth. They’re also getting savvy, reassessing the trade-offs of syndicating or sharing that content with other sites – they want to keep that valuable content (and all the search results) for themselves! For many retailers, search is key to their online survival, and several of our clients find that the search results they get from Bazaarvoice solutions more than pay for their overall investment. Our variety of flexible search-enhancing options and the personalized attention of each client’s Community Manager helps all types of clients maximize the impact of UGC on search results.

Tons of one-on-one conversations pointed to the fact that our clients in all industries – financial services, manufacturing, and retail – are all craving the “next generation” in search, and we’re delivering them a variety of flexible ways to drive results. Look to this blog in the coming weeks for more details on Bazaarvoice programs designed to help clients leverage UGC to turbo-charge their search results.

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