This blog post is guest-written by Scott Koester, Product Manager for Bazaarvoice Search.

While social search involves much more than search engine optimization, it’s important to have technology in place that attracts searchers at every level of the purchase path. The Bazaarvoice social search framework is designed to help customers find the right information at the right time for their needs, at every stage of the purchase path.


While in the “awareness” mode of the purchase funnel for a new camera, a shopper might search for “top-rated cameras,” to help narrow down choices. The SearchVoice Microsite combines all user-generated content complete with category, subcategory and product level navigation, creating a great source for researchers looking for consumer recommendations. This site automatically creates fresh lists such as “top rated” or “most popular” for each category on the site, and it’s a first stop for online researchers looking for products other consumers like the most.

Once a shopper narrows down choices to select the Sony CyberShot, he may search for reviews, and their search will lead them to a search-optimized Review Landing Page. SearchVoice Landing Pages create a search engine-optimized page separate from – but linked to – the product page. This page also gets indexed by search engines and is targeted to broad, product- or service-related searches.  As more and more people turn to other consumers for recommendations, this search grows in popularity.

Finally, as a shopper is ready to buy their new Sony T900, they can again call on customer reviews to help with their purchases. SearchVoice Inline allows clients to index content directly on the product page, creating a source of fresh content that is continuously changing – Google prefers pages that get refreshed often. SearchVoice Inline gets to the heart of the searcher’s need, where the search is most specific and they’re ready to buy – when they land here, they are one click away from a purchase.

These combined technologies maximize search results for Google, creating a competitive advantage for our clients in the battle for search.
When looking to optimize your user-generated content, technology is important, but Bazaarvoice believes that technology alone doesn’t win the search battle. Bazaarvoice combines technology with Social Amplification, Dynamic Merchandising, and customized strategies based on our Social Search Playbook that help your site deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.

Learn about our holistic view of search in our blog that introduces our Social Search Framework, and watch Bazaarblog for more information about how we look at search – which goes far beyond search engines.

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