Nielson recently reported that the minutes spent on Twitter soared a whopping 3,712 percent to almost 300 million, versus around 7.8 million from the same month a year ago. Companies and consumers alike have realized that they can’t ignore the Twitter phenomenon. If you still question whether or not your company should be participating, read Why Brands ABSOLUTELY DO Belong on Twitter or Brands That Tweet.

As many of you know, Bazaarvoice literally translated means the voice of the marketplace. A key principle in managing your brand voice is keeping it authentic and real. If you are going to get involved with Twitter, don’t be afraid to let your corporate personality shine through. Don’t hide behind your brand. Doing so erodes the trust and authenticity of your content. Give your employees a voice and a face to bring your corporate culture to the market.

While Twitter is a great platform for enabling the conversation, it focuses on the individual. This is fine for consumers, but it simply doesn’t work for companies. Without a way to aggregate the voices of your company into a single view, it’s hard for your customers to engage. For example, Forrester has over 100 analysts on Twitter, but there is no easy way to understand their collective voice.

Zappos has taken the lead in demonstrating how brands should engage in the Twittersphere. In addition to participating early on, they have invited their employees to engage the market through their own voice. This collective voice is Zappos. Not only are they giving the market an easy way to consume the content Zappos is publishing, they are also making it easy for users to hear what the market is saying about Zappos.

To help companies realize their full Twitter potential, Bazaarvoice Labs recently released TwitterVoice — the first open source platform to showcase the voice of your company across Twitter. TwitterVoice allows your customers to follow your entire brand in real time through the voices of your employees. In addition, it makes it easy to follow the market’s voice as it relates to your brand. To get started you can download the source code (free of charge) here. Once you’ve set up the environment, TwitterVoice makes it easy for you to create Tribes of employees and to manage them through a simple administrative environment.

We hope you enjoy this application. Please give us your feedback, and let us know when you launch TwitterVoice for your brand.

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