After six months live with Ratings & Reviews, UK electrical retailer Comet is adding Ask & Answer to its growing online community.UK retailer Comet

Ryan Thomas, Head of Direct Channels at Comet, says the decision was a natural progression in the evolution of the retailer’s UGC strategy. Comet noticed that customers in its online community were already using the reviews platform to ask each other questions; Thomas is confident that A&A will give the retailer clearer insight into customers’ needs. “The website has a vast product set with questions not always answered by product specifications, so we wanted to give customers their own platform to air product-related queries,” Thomas says. “As well as creating a new space for customer interaction, it will give us clearer insight into our customers and their product needs.”

Read more about Comet’s decision in our press release, and check out our related blog posts to see how other Bazaarvoice clients are using Ask & Answer to drive customer engagement in their own brand communities.

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