forbescom-video-networkbretthurt1We recently went on a national press tour, and one of the highlights was Brett’s video interview with Taylor Buley at Brett talks about how Oriental Trading Company uses customer reviews to transform their internal culture – internal teams work together to improve all aspects of their products and customer service. They’ve improved more than 700 products so far! You can read the full case study for all the details.

He also talks about how GEICO uses reviews to improve its products, too. Three years ago, who would have ever thought you’d use reviews to buy insurance?

Brett talks about how all types of companies are using reviews and other input to change all areas of the business – reducing return rates, improving service, etc. – and how online reviews create focus group-like information that helps companies determine exactly what they can improve. All without adding a huge new department in the company.

Brett also talks about how Twitter and Facebook will never have the impact of customer word of mouth on branded sites. Read the Forbes article in its (I love this) “Disruptions” section, “Where Social Networking Cashes In.”

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