One of the many unique elements of our culture here at Bazaarvoice is our formation of tribes. Bazaarvoice employees are encouraged to bring their personal interests into the workplace, forming “tribes” to educate and learn from their coworkers.

One such tribe in the works now is Financial Peace University, a twelve-week course in personal finance and debt management. Designed to help participants eliminate debt and save money, FPU teaches through guided video lesson plans designed to facilitate discussion. Led by Bazaarvoice team members who have graduated the program, participants share their techniques and experiences, helping each other develop a new way of looking at money.

These skills translate to better productivity – studies have shown that personal finance is the number one reason for individual stress in the workplace. As such, Bazaarvoice allows employees to use part of their $1,000 sponsored education fund to cover the cost of the course.

Other tribes have included beginning photography lessons, public speaking training, improv comedy classes, and weekly wakeboarding lessons on Lake Travis. The Bazaarvoice Speaker Series, a brainchild of our philanthropy awareness tribe, has brought in several speakers from community-serving organizations like the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Tribes contribute to the openness, passion and teamwork among our employees that are so characteristic of our corporate culture – a culture that helped us win Austin Business Journal’s Best Place to Work 2009. And we’re hiring!

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