Our friends over at Free People had some exciting things to say about Wordle – a visual representation of keyword frequency on your site.

One of our Community Managers, Lisa Tu, used Wordle’s “word cloud” generator to create a graphic word collage of Free People’s Ratings & Reviews. The more a word was used, the bigger it appears in the collage, creating a fun visual of what Free People’s customers have to say about the brand.

Words like “love,” “cute,” “great,” and “dress” showed up most frequently in Free People’s reviews. The collage shows how Free People’s customers are able to reflect brand associations back to the company through user-generated content.

We decided to create our own Wordle collage for Bazaarblog. Not surprisingly, our biggest keywords included “community,” “recommendations,” “brand,” and “word-of-mouth.” But the most prominent word in our collage by far was “customers.” We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – Bazaarvoice solutions put the voice of your customers to work for your brand. Customer centricity is core to everything we do; it’s no wonder discussion around “customers” dominates our blog.

Check out our Bazaarblog Wordle, below. You can create your own using the online generator. Bazaarblog Wordle

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