San ClementeBazaarvoice is excited to announce that we’re relocating our offices this fall to the San Clemente office project on Capital of Texas highway.

The move is a mark of the explosive growth we’re experienced in the past few years. We had 70% workforce growth last year, and forecast the same in the coming year. Since we outgrew our two previous buildings before the leases were up, we decided to “go big” this time, doubling our space.

We looked at more than 39 buildings in the last 6 months before finding our new home. The San Clemente building is a perfect fit; it’s close to our employee base, meets our growth plan, and most importantly, it offers us the best opportunity to maintain our unique culture. For example, in the San Clemente building we’ll be able to keep the entire company on one floor, fueling the openness that helped us win Austin’s Best Place to Work.

We like that the building is “raw”, giving us the opportunity to design a space to fit our needs. We’ve partnered with a local architect and designer to build out a space to reflect and support our company culture. We’re especially excited about our design for a large, open gathering area for our gong announcements.  Banging the gong for important events – client launches, deal closings, new hires – is a unique tradition we have at Bazaarvoice, and the gathering area in the new space will be big enough to accommodate our entire expanded team.

The Austin American-Statesman picked up our move story – check out their article to learn more about the space and how we plan to use it. And like we said, we’re hiring! If you know someone smart and passionate who would fit with our team, send them our way! You could earn up to $5,000 for your referral.

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