DanskinWe’re excited to welcome Danskin.com, a world leader in women’s active apparel, to Bazaarvoice. Danskin has added Ratings & Reviews and Ask & Answer to their site, allowing customers to access the authentic opinions of other shoppers like them as they shop Danskin apparel.

Danskin.com had previously deployed a free hosted product review technology. So why the switch? Danskin found that they needed a broader platform of services, products, and reporting to effectively harvest and analyze their UGC – information they’ll use to guide their advertising and marketing initiatives, as well as their product development teams. We’ve seen UGC drive value across entire organizations. Is your brand using your customers’ voices to improve your entire business?

The decision comes on the heels of a recent Nielsen report that 70% of people online trust recommendations from unknown users. Danskin is taking their trust building a step further, following our best practices for badging users. Badges like “Staff Answer” and “Expert Answer” highlight Danskin employees, so users can distinguish between Danskin pros and other customers. Danskin is also recognizing high-volume participants as “Top Contributors,” a practice we’ve seen work wonders for clients like Urban Outfitters.

Read more on Danskin’s decision to switch – and statements from their Director of e-Commerce Marketing, Jessica Koster – in our accompanying press release.

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