Become our fan on FacebookWith Facebook’s recent search functionality improvement, it’s working to become more like Twitter. With the changes, Facebook hopes you’ll find information on important topics that your friends – and everyone else – are commenting on.

And Facebook’s acquisition of FriendFeed, an online tool that helps users share information with their friends, further underscores the power of friends and other “people like me.”

Bottom line? If you’re on Facebook, you likely care most about what your friends – and perhaps their friends – think. There’s a reason you’re on Facebook, to share information with the important people in your life.

The power of these people is one of the main reasons we created Social Network Accelerators. When you’re shopping – whether you’re looking for a TV, a new insurance policy, or your next vacation – you automatically ask the people you know best. Social Network Accelerators feed into this by integrating with Facebook. When you go to your favorite retailer’s site to browse, you can see reviews from your friends, and even ask them questions from the site.

With our Facebook Connect application, customers can now shop online with their smartest friends in tow, seeing the products they recommend (or don’t), stories, and questions they have asked or answered.

For years, Facebook users have been able to share their published product reviews with their Facebook friends through applications like ShoutIt!, so their friends can see products they prefer. Bazaarvoice’s Facebook Connect solution takes this a step further, showing friends’ preferences while a shopper searches for a specific product – and guidance on what to buy – online.

This is just one phase of the new Social Network Accelerators we’re developing, part of helping our clients gain value from all their social assets. As discussed in our blog introducing Social Network Accelerators, our Facebook Connect application helps distribute user-generated content among a user’s friends, lets profiles drive which content a Facebook user sees at a retailer site, and lets Facebook users participate on retailer sites when retailers enable users to submit stories, answers, and reviews directly through Facebook.

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