Norwegian Cruise Line launches Bazaarvoice Social Commerce SuiteAs part of its initiative to become a one-stop shop for booking a cruise and learning about the Freestyle Cruising® experience, Norwegian Cruise Line has launched the Bazaarvoice social commerce suite with Ratings & Reviews, Ask & Answer, and Stories.

Enhancing the cruise experience

Experiences can differ vastly from cruise to cruise. Different vendors service Norwegian’s many cruises, and the cruise line previously had limited control over the different experience each vendor provides.

The UGC at uncovers which cruises are best and which can be improved. Empowered with the customer voice, Norwegian will be able to provide specific, actionable content to these vendors to make their excursions even better.

Improving communication of the offering

After launching A&A, Norwegian found there was pent-up interest among shoppers to ask other travelers what the cruise experience was like.  Based on what customers are asking and the way other customers are answering, Norwegian can identify gaps in their marketing copy. They’ll be able to modify the way they talk about the trips and the information they include in their descriptions, to help customers find all of the information they need to make a confident purchase.

Finding the right cruise for the right customer

Some of Norwegian’s excursions can be highly specialized, meeting the needs of very specific interests of their customers.  For example, they offer highly active biking or hiking tours that appeal to  experienced and athletic travelers.  When customers don’t fully read the corporate marketing copy for a trip – as is very often the case – they can end up on a trip that isn’t right for them.

Enabling past travelers to tell potential customers exactly what the trip entails, in their own words, helps customers find the trip that meets all their expectations. From a customer service standpoint, UGC will help Norwegian connect customers with the trips most likely to delight them.

Read more about Norwegian Cruise Line’s launch of Bazaarvoice solutions in our accompanying press release. You can also read what Norwegian Cruise Line has to say about adding Bazaarvoice solutions to their site in their own press release.

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